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Q: Who is DayDream Photography?

A: DayDream Photography is owned and operated by Landon Day.  He is Certified Professional Photographer, has his Photographic Craftsman degree and a major and minor in studio art.  He is an international award winning real estate photographer.

Join us in welcoming Haleigh Pannell to our team.  She has a background in real estate and photography so she makes a perfect addition to our team.  She is already playing a vital role, be sure to give her a friendly smile next time you see her.


Q: Why use a professional photographer?

A: A few great answers.  1.) After doing this for a few years I know that if you are an agent getting listings is hard work.  You have to sell yourself on the ability to sell their home.  Telling them you use a professional photographer is a big deal.  They have looked online.  They know the difference. 2.) With professional equipment like wide angle (non fisheye) lenses and editing skills, including HDR on the outside of the homes, you will tell the difference as well.


Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer internationally award winning photography with true HDR images and magazine quality.

NOW OFFERING 1st person virtual tours! Think of this like a video game walk through of your properties.  Totally immersive and interactive. Click on the portfolio link for examples.


Q: What type of properties do you photograph?

A: Our portfolio contains anything from 20,000 sq ft castles to 500 sq ft condos and everything in between, odds are if you need it photographed we have worked on a similar property.  


Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: We pride ourselves on almost always same day turn around (assuming it is not a late afternoon/evening photo shoot), but always within 24 hours for photos.  Additional add on services may take additional time.


Q: How you I get the photos?

A: We will set up a Dropbox folder for you that we will share.  If you do not have a Dropbox account we will help you get this set up for you.  The photos will always come in 2 folders.  "full res" will be used for anything print, from billboards to flyers.  "web res" is already sized and optimized for MLS, no extra work on your end other than posting the photos and a making your listing live.

If you struggle with Dropbox, no worries.  Landon will personally come to your home/office set it up and train you on how to use it for your business; still worried? We have other options to get you the photos so no need to stress.


Q: Do you have a supra key?

A: No we do not.  We have a few options here.  Either the listing agent/team member can met me and let me in, the homeowner can let me in or a key can be left/hidden for me.


Q: Do you work with homeowners directly or only agents?

A: We will help whom ever needs professional photography.


Q: What is your experience?

A: Since 2008 we have thousands, of properties.  We have and will continue to grow and learn but no doubt have a handle on things.


Q: Do you have any advice for getting our home ready to photograph?

A: Why yes, yes we do.  Take a look at your lightbulbs.  Are they all the same color? Are they all working?  Declutter! Do not stress over taking all your family photos down, especially if you are still living there.  When we get there we will turn off all your ceiling fans so you may give them a quick cleaning.  We will also turn on every light, lamps and ceilings, and close most blinds.  This lets us control all the light inside.  Fresh mulch goes a long ways.